'Breastfeeding, mac & cheese and sex with husband Ice-T are my secrets to staying fit' - Coco reveals

Coco Austin also known as Coco has revealed that breastfeeding, eating mac and cheese, and sex with her husband Ice-T are responsible for keeping her fit as she hasn't been able to go to the gym in almost two years.

The 37 year old reality star, dancer and glamour model, revealed this and more about parenting at her baby Chanel's nine-month birthday photo shoot this week...

 "I personally haven't been in the gym in the past year and a half, two years because of Chanel. I stopped going to the gym when I was pregnant then I've waited nine months after so I literally just started getting back into the routine this week to tell you the truth," she explained to E! News 
"I just watch what I eat. I don't overeat."

Coco added, "I think it has to do with diet. I eat what I want, but small portions. I don't go overboard. Yes, I have the mac & cheese and I have my dessert, but I'm just trying to get back in the groove because I don't feel good inside yet."

"I'm slowing breastfeeding down a little bit but I'm still burning a nice amount and I just feel like I might look good to people, but I don't feel good inside so I think that's more of a mental thing," she shared E! News
"We have a little system and our system is we have a co-sleeper right next to our bed so what we do is we get her all nice and tidy and all that stuff and then we get our sexy time," she revealed. "Hey, you got to do with the kid in the room or without the kid in the room. You just have to be a little more quiet."

She continued, "People know. Parents know about it. I'm not even going to hide that situation. You gotta get it somewhere. What are we going to do?"

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