Mom Who Sold Her 12-year-old Daughter's Virginity For Just £69 Is Jailed For 22 years

Evil Margarita de Jesus Zapata was jailed by a judge in the Colombian capital Bogota.
The brunette schemer was arrested after another of her 13 daughters went to authorities claiming she forced her children into prostitution and made one of them have an abortion after she fell pregnant.

The man said to have paid 300,000 Colombian pesos (£69) for Zapata’s daughter’s virginity, named locally as Tito Cornelio Daza, was jailed for 12 years. The pair were arrested in November 2013 in a case which caused an international outcry.

Several of Margarita’s daughters are thought to have given evidence against her, although initially after her arrest they failed to support the claims of one of her teenage children who said she had been abused since the age of 12.
The teenager, 17 when she went to police, claimed her mum had also sold her virginity.
Police chief Carlos Melendez said: “It hurts that a mother would do this.
“She contacted highly solvent but depraved men so they could have sex with the minors.”
Earlier this month it emerged girls as young as 10 were being sold to tourists who want to take their virginity in some of Colombia’s most famous cities.

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