You go to jail or you get pepper sprayed- Judge tells Defendant

The victim Franz Waltz was followed by Diamond Gaston into Burger King where she sprayed him with pepper spray and ran away, this whole incident was caught on camera.
Franz said:“It hurt. It burned. It stung. It was scary at first because I didn’t think I was gonna get my eyesight back,” said worker Frantz Waltz.

A woman who pepper sprayed a Burger King worker faced a judge known for his unusual sentences on Thursday.

Painesville Judge Michael Cicconetti warned Diamond Gaston, who was charged with assault:
“You understand that this is a criminal offense, an assault. I could put you in jail for six months.”

Known for his creative sentencing, he gave Gaston a choice of 30 days in prison, or get pepper sprayed like her victim.

He gave Diamond the option of spending 30 days in jail or getting pepper sprayed, she chose to go to jail for 30 days.
Then he asked her if she wanted a moment to think about it and she agreed, she walked out of the courtroom then came back and agreed to be pepper sprayed.
They gave the burger King victim a pepper spray can to spray on Ms Gaston eyes, he sprayed it, but she didn't really feel the pain because they filled the can with water instead of pepper.

Ms Gaston didn't have any criminal record so the judge gave her a warning and 3 days of community service.

She apologized to the victim.

The victim said he would have liked it if there had been real pepper in the spray for 'an eye for an eye' justice.

However, he said he thought the judge was fair

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