Friday, 10 October 2014

Relatives torture two 8 years old children over alleged witchcraft in Akwa Ibom

This barbaric inhuman treatment must stop. And is high time the Nigerian government steps in.
Two 8 year old children named Mary Odiong and Ekong Asua (pictured above) were tortured and sent out of their homes in the Okobo LGA of Akwa Ibom State on the allegation of witchcraft.
According to Punch, the little girl said her relatives came after her after one of her uncles died from AIDS. They blamed her for infecting him with the disease. That's so silly!
"The people in my family called me and started asking me questions whether I was a witch and why I killed my uncle. I told them that I did not know anything about what they were talking about. They started beating me. They hit me with cutlasses. They cut my buttocks with knives. After the beating became too much, I lost consciousness. Later, I woke up to find myself in a bush. I have been living on the streets since last month without food and shelter.” the girl told a Punch correspondent.
The other victim said he was blamed for his parents death.
"My uncles told me that they went somewhere to find out why my parents died. They said they were told that I killed both of them through witchcraft. They tied my hands and started beating me up with native sugarcane and asked me to confess. When I insisted that I knew nothing about the death of my parents, they took me to a bush, where I met Odiong. Both of us have been living on the streets since then,” he said.
Can't the Akwa Ibom state government do something to stop this injustice?

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